Friday, August 25, 2006

A new Chateau Schatov

Just to show we have not been sitting on our fingers, here is a photograph of a new house that we have built for Schatov and Emma. It was completed only a few days ago. They are now sharing with Mañiña and to make them really feel at home, we have duplicated their house. What you see is a new house in the enclosure next to the farm main building. Mañiña is still not too sure about his new companions but he is curious and not unfriendly. We have moved them to address some security concerns.

Our other picture gives us great satisfaction. Some years ago, we were given two macaws. A boy, named ‘Pieces of eight’, after the famous pirate (in the picture) and a girl named Sally. They have lived at liberty with us for many years. One day they disappeared and we saw nothing of them for four months. We thought the worse; that they had been captured for sale. We were wrong because when they returned, they had two young ones. They remained in the area of the farm until yet again they disappeared and returned with yet another two children. That is now six macaws at liberty in our immediate area. This is in addition, to the two very young ones that we are nurturing. We have succeeded in re populating this area with macaws. It is unfortunate that these birds are the prey of villains who capture them for sale. They bring a very high price in some quarters. They are a magnificent sight when you see a family of them in flight.

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