Monday, July 24, 2006

Vengeance is mine said the Lord

This posting has nothing to do with Howler Monkeys but gives you a bit of background. You may be interested in the outcome. The picture is a newspaper cutting from a few days ago.

I wrote the following in October last year.
On the 12th of October 2005 at three in the afternoon I arrived back at my farm, having been on a trip to Valencia. I was at once faced with a gunman holding my housekeeper as hostage. He threw her to the ground and advanced on me. I was still sitting in the passenger seat of my car. My driver ran off leaving the engine still running and in reverse. I jumped clear of the car and it continued to reverse into a tree, where it stopped. The gunman without any provocation then shot me in the leg. Even though I was bleeding profusely, he frog marched me back to the house, demanding money and guns. David Clulow and some of the staff escaped with a cell phone into the forest. The bandits were aware of the cell phone and knew that their attempt was limited by the time it would take for the police to arrive. This of course added to their viciousness. Well I don’t have a gun and I had very little cash, having spent most of my money in Valencia. The bandits finally ran of with my bag containing my most important documents like passport, identification, driving license and well as my small camera and PDA. My neighbor retrieved all my documents from the river. Unfortunately, I have lost my brilliant little HP 607 digital camera and I don’t know what life will be like without my HP PDA, I have become so dependent on it.
Okay so bloody but unbowed I was speedily taken to hospital, where I received excellent attention and I am now back at home. I am recovering fast. The leg hurts but I have my life and I am not much the worst. The bandits got very little for their trouble.

The picture is a newspaper cutting from a few days ago. I recognised the two men in the grisly photograph which shows my two assailants, killed by no one knows who, but since they were very active thieves it is thought that they were killed out of vengeance.

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