Sunday, July 23, 2006

The editor's note

I have been able to improve my skills with the HTML language. Additionally Picasa has some added features, which we have been able to use. The result is that several photographs have been replaced with improved versions. Look at some of the older postings, for example Totto and Schatov Rollover.
Today we had a wonderful visit from the family of Totto. They traveled all the way from Caracas to see him. The children love visitors and so do we. Clearly they love him very much.

On another matter. I know that many of you have read the piece I did on ‘You can make a difference’. Unfortunately, no one has decided to make that difference. We are disappointed. We badly need to upgrade some of the houses. Two of them are now in a dangerous state. Additionally the price of food escalates and we are finding it increasingly difficult to manage. If you have been thinking about a contribution, please do it . It would be tragic to turn a child away.

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