Sunday, July 02, 2006

A round up of weekend news

Here is just a brief round up of the weekend news from Canaote.

The photograph shows MonaLisa and Imanol together at last

Totto is feeling more at home as he now joins in the morning and evening choruses. I watched the reaction of Sussy, Sophie and Marco to this added voice and they were clearly excited and pleased with the addition of this loud baritone to their daily call. They threw themselves into the song with even greater gusto. This gusto has to be seen, it involves shaking the head and throwing out the sound. I am planning on making a recording.
Today, Sunday was another reminder that the big enclosure used by Sussy, Sophie and Marco, is in need of extensive rebuilding. Marco freed himself this morning through some old wire. Then, he climbed the mango tree above his home and swung over to a point where he could see Totto. He took a surreptitiously look at him, and thought better of a visit. He spent a while talking to Schatov and Emma. Afterwards he succumbed to my invitation to a banana in Sussy’s domain. Schatov and Emma were pleased to have a visitor and did all kinds of gymnastics to impress Marco. The great escape was over in a matter of an hour and Marco returned to his house for a large breakfast. Marco’s enclosure is long and high. It contains three fully-grown mango trees and is about the size of half a football pitch. The cost of rebuilding will be painful. However, the work must be done for their safety.
In house the relationship between MonaLisa and Imanol has been improving. It started earlier in the week with chasing and teasing games and finally this morning they sat together quietly enjoying each other’s company. MonaLisa has shown great patience with little Imanol. He does not give his trust readily but MonaLisa got her reward this morning.
The Marco episode reminded me of an escape that thankfully never happend. On Wednesday last I found a large hole in the wire around Totto's garden. Possibly he had a rage, tore at the fence and then left it. He could easily have walked through. Either he didn't realise what he had done or he is just too happy where he is.

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