Thursday, July 13, 2006

The horn of plenty

It seems only a short while ago that I was looking at mangoes lying like a giant yellow carpet on the ground here at Canaote. But the mango season has come and gone and all that is left are a few trees with a late fruiting. Monkeys love mangoes. The forest has reduced that yellow carpet to mud. Although the mangoes are nearly exhausted, other fruits are now in abundance. Pitahya the cactus fruit, pineapple, limes(seedless), bananas, oranges, passion fruit, santols (similar to Li chi), papaya, tamarind, star fruit, nispero, water melon, melon, noni and a heap of vegetables. We have plenty of fresh fruit for the monkeys food, and our own of course. I am posting a picture of a plate of fruits including the red pitahya that grows so successfuly here. There is also mango and Le Chosa (papaya) on the plate.

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