Saturday, July 22, 2006

Just watch them grow.

Schatov and Emma are weathering the rainy season well. They use both of the houses in their enclosure. The one closest to Sussy's house is quieter when there is a heavy rainfall so they use this mainly in stormy weather. The outside house at the end of their garden is much better on warm evenings and during the afternoon because a cool, gentle breeze flows down the valley. Today we carried out repairs on the inside house because Schatov loves to know what is going on in the Sussy household. He has been progressively removing the wallpaper to get a better look. Emma and Schatov had Quaker oats for breakfast this morning and Newton Biscuits flavored strawberry for mid morning snack. I took the photograph right above during a very short lull in the action this morning. I have mentioned before that photography is difficult because they are constantly on the move. I never cease to wonder at their inventiveness and vigor when it comes to games.

When I mentioned in a previous posting that we had to change our plans about where Rosita would live, I received a surprising comment, ‘Surely she can’t be that small’? Rosita is very young and small. She is eating well and I am sure she will soon put on some weight. In the meantime, I post this photograph of her taken this morning. In subsequent weeks we will make a comparison.

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