Saturday, July 29, 2006

After the horse has bolted

I am sad tonight as I report a burglary here at Canaote. On Thursday night 27th of July during the early hours, thieves entered our home whilst we were sleeping and stealthily carried out the robbery. I was surprised at the items that they stole. Usually theft in rural areas center on items that have an immediate cash/sale value like cash, video players and televisions. This robbery was very different because the items are sophisticated electronic or computer related. What has caused me the greatest grief is the loss of my beautiful HP 817 camera with which I take the pictures for Forget-me-not.
The old Compaq laptop, that looked quite new because of it’s good condition will be a disappointment to the thieves, it doesn’t work. It died peacefully several weeks ago. The array of small items like SSB Bluetooth and a 1-gig USB memory stick will be missed as I used them to move pictures around the place. Various other small electronic items are an irritating but replaceable within my budget, for example the USB memory plug-in module of my MP3 player. We have increased the security naturally and we are actively looking for a reliable Vigilante service. The problem with that is in South America the Vigilante is often also the thief. Oh woe, it’s is all about shutting the door after the horse has bolted. I really will miss that camera.
An update on Sophie and Totto shortly.

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