Monday, July 31, 2006

Humans invented the diaper.

When Imanol arrived, he was wearing diapers. I was shocked and then I couldn’t stop laughing This is the first time that I had seen diapers on a Howler. I didn’t know that it was possible to buy them that small. Even if I did, it would not have occurred to me to use them. Howlers are natural over water poohers. The seat in the John is a perfect substitute for a leafy bough leaning over a gently flowing stream or river. Now there is a nice image for you as you sit and contemplate. I only demonstrated to Imanol twice before he got the idea and now he takes himself there when he gets the call. It is true that he does not always sit the right way around but he gets it right about half the time. Rosita although small is just about able to cling onto the seat and is already a confirmed loo user. She still needs a little aid in getting up there but she has the idea. Totto does not have a natural running stream in his enclosure but there is a leak in a water pipe, which causes a flow of fresh water in one corner of his garden. A bamboo walkway is conveniently sited just above and this is his loo. I didn’t tell him so. MonaLisa has used the loo for years. Sophie, when she was free to roam the house also used the John. I understand that Mañiña is also potty aware. He has only been allowed into the house during the evening so far, so we have not seen him perform, but all in good time. The fact is that Howlers are naturally clean people. Even when very young. Humans had to invent the diaper.
I have been saving this special photograph of Imanol arriving in his diapers until I had the time to write up this piece.

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Anonymous said...

You did not mentioned Manina, I understand that he uses the toilet too. Can you check on that?