Friday, February 27, 2009

The people in Lucio's garden.

Top left is Schatov, looking very handsome as usual. Schatov poses for the camera. He puffs himself up into a warlike appearance. Moments before he was purring on my lap but I didn't tell you that.

On the right is Lucio. He has been pleased with himself all afternoon. He stole my hat then went off with my camera case. There is always a lot of fun action when you are in his company.

On the middle photograph we have the lovely lady Jaco on the left with a side view of Schatov. They are often seen together although Jaco is careful to spread her attention between Schatov and Lucio. She is a great peace keeper.
Bottom left we can see Monito. He was not very happy when I took this picture. He had just jumped on my head and nearly knocked the camera out of my hand. When I shouted at him he ran away and that is the moment I snapped him.
Now bottom right shouldn't be in this posting because it was taken shortly before in Manina's garden. Here we have Manina relaxing on his garden pillow. He was given it because he frequently spends his siesta close to the fence where he can see the humans at work. The pillow is more comfortable than the cement floor. Today he shares it with Tutti and on the right side with Barnaby.

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