Sunday, February 01, 2009

Monkey loves Monkey.

Gabriela has just returned from her Christmas vacation. She came back loaded with gifts for the children. I count five monkey dolls. The reaction of the children to the dolls has been fascinating to watch. Howler monkeys learn and they learn very quickly but they are a cautious lot. The new troop of monkey dolls was immediately viewed with suspicion. Schatov and Lucio puffed up and started an hour long roar. For the first time I noticed Moñito puffed up. Now if that didn’t frighten the new comers nothing would. I once wrote a piece called Girls are Silly but not in this case. Whilst the boys were in a complete funk, Jaco calmly reached down and lifted one of the dolls into her arms, then gave the doll a kiss. She followed up with another doll in the same way. The boys looked on with disbelief. Emboldened with what they had seen, the boys now cautiously moved in. They approached very tentatively at first. Moñito was first to actually touch a doll. Then the others not to be seen as cowards in front of women and children, joined in the game of tossing the dolls around and carrying them around the walkways. Jaco has one favourite doll and she has taken it inside their house.
Thank you Gabriela for these lovely dolls, the children love them.

Our photo's. Top left is Jaco playing with the dolls and showing no fear whatever. Top right is Moñito , all puffed up and this is the first time we have seen him ready for a fight. Bottom picture is Rafael the helper with a group of the wonderful dolls.


Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Hola Philip, me encanta que los monos hayan disfrutados con los muñecos de mono que les regale.
Con ellos se van a entretener por un buen tiempo.



Anonymous said...

How cute! You are so nice Gabriela!!