Sunday, February 22, 2009

Barnaby gets a family visit.

There is no doubt that our monkeys love to have their families visit. Yesterday in the late afternoon, Marciela the human mommy of Barnaby, arrived from Caracas weighed down with gifts.
The family spent many hours playing with the children and there was an air of excitement throughout the whole compound. Our picture shows Barnaby trying to get his mothers attention, whilst Manina had completely monopolized Mariela's lap.

At the same time that Barnaby was playing with his mother, Tutti was inventing a new game. He stole my camera case and rushed around the enclosure blind, with the case firmly on his head. I was surprised by the length of time he devoted to this game. Generally a Howler's attention span is not great but Tutti is a very bright little person and he played this game for most of the time I was with the children. Our picture shows him just putting on the case. All good thing come to an end and Mariela left for home, having seen how well Barnaby had totally acclimatized to his new home.

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