Thursday, September 20, 2007

Who is Loba?

Yes I know, this is a blog about Howler Monkeys. But this story I could not resist. I am sure that when you look at her photograph, your heart will melt the way mine did.
A few days ago we needed some maintenance to our walk in fridge. The engineer arrived and parked his vehicle in front of the house and got on with the job. In passing I noticed his dog in the back of his pick up. I remember thinking that she was one of the most pretty dogs I have seen in a long time.
The engineer finished his work, was paid and departed. Much to my astonishment I discovered that the dog was still with us. He had subtly abandoned the animal. This callous behavior is quite common and is reflected by the number of dead dogs one sees on the roads here in Venezuela. Enough said.
Two days later she gave birth to a liter on the mountain. She had been chased away from the house by my young dogs. We traced her and brought her back to the house and set up a kennel for her. She spends her day caring for her two babies. She has a delightful nature and we have decided to adopt her. She has a smart new collar to celebrate her adoption.

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Gabriela Olivieri said...

Philip que tristeza que algunas personas boten a los animales de esa manera y en forma tan descarada, gracias a Dios que la puso en su camino que estoy segura que usted la va a cuidar y a querer mucho.