Saturday, September 01, 2007

Eslabon and Rosita

In an earlier post I told you about Rosita's probems. Apart from the abnormality in her eating habits, we also found that one of her front teeth is bad. We are waiting until she gains a little more weight before we address that problem. During the weeks that she has been with me,she has gone from strength to strength. She is gaining weight rapidly and some tone is returning to her limbs. Our picture shows her using a spoon on a small helping of ice cream. She has improved to the point where I felt that she should be allowed to mix a little with the other children. Over a period of a few days I have been introducing her to Eslabon. On the first few days he appeared to be agressive at mealtimes, perhaps resenting having to share his meals. But for the last two days she has been welcome and Eslabon has spent quite a lot of time in her company. Our second picture shows them sitting togther in his enclosure.

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