Thursday, September 20, 2007

Goodbye Billy and Hello Wilhelmina.

We receive a call a couple of days ago from some folk in Caracas. They had a Howler monkey and they were looking for a home for him. His name was Billy. I forwarded a map and instruction on how to arrive at Canaote. Today they arrived with the child. They were amazed when I told them that Billy was a girl. Well no reason to change her name, after all the famous singer Billy Holiday was a Billy. Not much is known about her. She was in the care of the people who brought her here for only four weeks. Before that she lived in that vicinity in an apartment. She has been given various ages between three and a half and five and a half. She is small for either age and has the typical gait of a monkey that has been incarcerated in an apartment, although this can be deceptive. She walks on her front arms and her back is highly curved which is reminiscent of Rickets. Her small size is a puzzle. She behaves like an adult but her appearance is deceptive.
Fortunately, she immediately recognized me as a friend and jumped on my shoulder. When we first heard about her we had a plan that she would make a husband for MonaLisa. We made plans for a suitable honeymoon enclosure. The discovery that he is a she will mean a rethink about her accommodation. First on the agenda has got to be a shower. She has the very strong odor of an adult female howler. I will prepare some photographs and more information shortly, as she settles in. Tonight she will stay with me and Rosita. I do hope they get along. Other wise it will be a long night.

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Anonymous said...

she's beautifull Philip! why don't you put her with Schatushka and Mañiña? I'm sure they both are going to love a female company!
thank you again for this speciall and caring blog, you're unique, Philip of cañaote!
kindess regards and kisses for the babys