Sunday, September 16, 2007

Eslabon and his pal Tutti

Eslabon and Tutti are great pals. They share an enclosure which ajoins my quarters. But like most kids, not everything runs completely smoothly. Tutti is very demanding and vocal when he does not get his own way. He is first at the food tray and selects the largest piece. Naturally, Eslabon being very macho does not take this behavior lightly and often an argument ensues. This consists of a shouting match between the two of them. Both positioned near something to wrap their tails around then a roar and a move forward followed by a rapid retreat aided by the tail. After a while they forget what the row was about and get back to the important business of eating. There is no violence involved but the noise is deafening. For the most part they get on well. They share the best spots in the garden to get a good suntan and they sleep togther at night with Eslabon's arm around little Tutti. Just like a big brother.

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