Sunday, September 30, 2007

Lala, a most beautiful and sophisticated lady arrives at Canaote

This has been a busy month at Cañaote. At the beginning we started an added calcium and vitamin program for Rosita. In itself it has been a difficult regime because the plan called for her to be separate from MonaLisa at night. This program is ongoing but now we are able to let her stay with MonaLisa. Separating her for treatment has proven easier than we first supposed.
On the twentieth September Billy arrived and we soon found that she brought problems with her. Her mobility has given us some headaches. I am not certain about my diagnosis of childhood rickets, another possible cause could be that she has suffered from a tight belt around her waist during her formative years. Her backbone is certainly bent just above the waist. This could cause a disturbance of her gait. We are waiting for the opportunity to take her for x-ray to finally resolve the problem. She has further problems with her diet. She does not readily give her trust. Remember that she is about five and a half years old and any quirks in her diet will now have become fairly permanent. She likes fruit, biscuits (Krakker) and Spaghetti. We discovered her liking for the pasta by chance when she stole some from my plate. She completely ignores the vegetable dish we prepare for main meal in the afternoon. She is still suffering from loss of her former family, but the pain is easing and she comes to me more readily. She is house clean and waits for the bathroom for her toilet.

Yesterday the twenty-ninth of September 2007, Lala arrived with her family. She is an adult of some nine years, very stocky and in general good health. She has been well cared for and comes from a loving human family. Clearly they did not want to part with her but I believe circumstances made it imperative. I cannot imagine these good people parting with her unless there was some overriding reason.
We have known about Lala for some years and there has been correspondence and phone calls about her. The family first visited us from Caracas about two months ago. At that time they told us that they were looking for the opportunity to bring her to us.
Our task is now to find the right company for her. The possibilities are Totto,Schatov,and Eslabon. Totto is already engaged with Sophie, so that option would mean parting them and finding another location for Sophie as I cannot imagine Sophie accepting competition. Both Schatov and Eslabon are very young and may not be acceptable to Lala. We will introduce her to the others over the coming days and see what is best. At the moment, of course, she is missing her family. I am spending long periods with her but she will have to live through her grief and come out the other end for a new life, here among her own people.


Anonymous said...

Question: Can you tell's what are the symptons of separation? Do they cry?, stop eating? How is their sadness expressed? Are they like humans? How long does it take for them to be happy again?

Philip Cordrey said...

This is a good question, although I suspect that you know the answer. They cry like a human child, separated from its mother. Some are so badly affected that they stop eating normally although not complely. The period of grief varies between individuals. An average would be two weeks although it can be less. The cure, just with humans is TLC, Tender Loving Care. Fortunately the howler monkey is a great survivor. But it is important to let them live out their tears and and grief so that they can start again. Just like us.