Friday, September 14, 2007

Tutti manipulates me

Tutti is a clever little monkey. He knows how to manipulate me. He spends his day in the enclosure with Eslabon. This also means that he has access to the garden and its walkways. He loves the sun and can frequently be found sun bathing in the garden. I have encouraged him to stay overnight with Eslabon but with only limited success. He knows that if a hear him crying, that I will be soon be in the enclosure to discover the cause. In the evening he starts crying just after dark, and of course I then allow him to stay in our house with Rosita through supper time and then overnight. I know he is manipulating me but I don’t have the heart to ignore him. Otherwise he is a happy healthy monkey and has a great appetite. When he arrived here he was suffering from a severe insect infestation which resulted in the loss of all the hair on his head and tale. He looked like a medieval monk. He has completely recovered from that condition and now has a strong head of very healthy hair.

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