Friday, January 02, 2009

Miss Billy and her friend Manina.

Manina taking care of his friend Miss Billy

Miss Billy is over 10 years old. She came to us in September of 2007. When Miss Billy arrived she was in quite a distressed state. Unwashed she has a strong body odor and her coat was matted. Her crouched appearance told us that she was probably in pain. She was much internalized, not wanting attention or affection. She just wanted to be left alone to sleep. She did not want the company of either me or other monkeys. Attempts to get her to socialize failed.

Since that time she has improved. Her diet is strictly controlled by me. She has a calcium supplement twice a day to aid in bone recovery and multivitamin with her breakfast. We have constructed a low rise bamboo walkway in one of the enclosures, so that she can sit in the sun during the day. This is all good stuff for creating vitamin‘d’. During this time she is also sharing with other monkeys, in particular, Manina. Well you can’t be anywhere near that joker Tutti without sharing his games. I cannot say that she is cured because she is not. She has her ups and downs. This month she has given me some cause for alarm and extra attention has been needed. She is otherwise healthy with no parasites or infections. But the rickets tends to turn into rheumatism and this is the focus of our treatment now.I can say she is showing a slow improvement. She now spends a lot of time with Manina, making happy noises whenever he approaches her. He is showing a new side to his character. Caring and protective of the weaker member of his family. I am really very proud of him.

Miss Billy enjoying some leaves.

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