Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Lucio is always even tempered.

Lucio shares his garden with quite a big family. Firstly there is Schatov, who is this family's Paderote or alpha leader. Then Jako, the beautiful female howler and then young Monito. Lucio is always even tempered. I have never seen him puff up for battle, even in play. He is vigorous and sometimes will give you a light mauling with his teeth but never anything which you could consider to be a bite. Amazingly Lucio and Schatov are happy to share the company of Jako. There is no jealousy. At times you will see her leaning against Schatov then later against Lucio. Lucio, like Manina is a great lover, he loves to kiss female visitors. So if you don't want a wet smacker from an amorous monkey, keep clear of Lucio.

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