Saturday, September 06, 2008

Orchids at Canaote

Cynoches chlorochilon

Cynoches chlorochilion



Lets not forget that Canaote is also a Botanic Garden. We have many hundred of Palms and tropical fruit trees. Venezuela is internationally famous for orchids. So when we first came here we were surprised to find that there were not many orchids in the forest hereabouts. The reason for this alluded us for a long time but at last we realised that the problem was the grass fires that this area is subject to every dry season. The low level grass fires would burn off the young orchids before maturity without actually destroying the tree. Thus it appeared that there were few orchids in this area. Now from time to time we collect the orchids that we find and resite them to safe locations where they will not be destroyed. This Cynoches chlorochilionhis  was originally found by us among the lime trees on the property some four years ago. We moved it to its present location, near our compound, where it will be safe from fires. It measures four inches tip to tip.

One of the pleasures of the orchid interest is to see their perfection. They have amazing symmetry, they have extraordinary wealth of color. These are the things that come to mind when you attend orchid shows or visit collectors. I live close to the forest in North Western Venezuela, famous of course for its orchids. But I see a different aspect of the orchid world. I see the wild ones in the forest. Not so perfect with their blemishes from insect attack and the ravages of the climate. They have a special charm bread of their independence from man and their power of survival. 

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