Friday, September 12, 2008

By gosh! Those are great bananas.

A few posts ago I showed you some of the fruit from our garden. These bananas were harvested today from our botanic garden. As you can see they are very fine specimens. They will be put in a shaded area for a few days to fully ripen. Then they will be part of the variety of fruit and vegetables that we provided daily for our monkeys. Bananas are thought of as traditional monkey foods although the truth is that we used them in moderation in the diet. The reason is that bananas are very rich in sugar. Howler monkeys in particular are prone to sugar diabetes so we provide bananas judicially. In the picture you meet Rafael our who works with the children every day, and is also responsible for keeping an eye on the fruits in the garden and providing them for the children when available.

Governors Plum shown here is another great favourite with our monkeys. It seems that they never tire of eating this fruit and I am very fond of it myself. One for MonaLisa one for me basis. We have nine male trees and two females trees. The tree is dioecious. This year the fruit have been particularly abundant. More about this fruit in a later posting.

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