Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Monito gets a family visit

On Sunday Monito's human family paid a visit to Monito and got involved with Monito's monkey family. Our pictures show Raul giving a lift to Lucio. To the right Schatov and Monito relax on Patricia's lap and Monito and Patricia spend time together bottom right. Just for once the weather stayed fine and the family were able to spend more time than usual with the children. Getting here early needs a dawn start from Caracas. I know they feel the effort is worth it. The children love visitors and immediately recognised them.

The following day we began preparation for the cementing of the floor of their enclosure. This meant moving Schatov,Lucio and Monito to another enclosure for the day. All went well with the transfer although after their curiosity had been satisfied, they soon realized that this new enclosure was quite a bit smaller than their own home and did not contain the same wealth of toys. When evening came we decided to move them back to their own enclosure for the night. As soon as the door was opened Lucio and Monito shot out and were high up in the canopy before we were able to catch them. many hours later we were able to encourage them to return to their home. I think the prospect of missing dinner combined with the possibility of having to sleep in the trees convinced them to return. It also began to look like rain and Howlers do not like getting wet.

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