Sunday, September 28, 2008

Gabriela and Anna Rosa visit the children

Last weekend we had a surprise visit from Gabriela and Anna Rosa. Gabriela of course is a regular visitor to Canaote. She was able to introduce the party to all the children. Maniña as ever was on great form and wanted to kiss all the ladies. Lucio, not to be outdone showed that he too is a Casanova. People are always surprised to see how gentle and friendly they are.  Anna Rosa had attended a lecture given by David at the La Salle College so she was anxious to include a tour around the arboretum on this visit. She set off with David and  party and arrived back later pleased with her tour. Anna and Gabriela brought many gifts for the children and we are very grateful for their thoughtfulness. Additionally the Human family of Chippy sent gifts for which we sent our thanks. Anna Rosa and Gabriela each received a pot of our home made Mascparone.



The party with Gabriela with Anna Rosa standing together with Anna Rosa on the extreme right

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