Friday, September 19, 2008

Cement mixer, putty putty.

Several of our readers have made significant contributions to our appeal for help with the cost of cementing the floors of our enclosures. This work is going ahead now. I enclose a few photographs of the work. During the cementing, naturally it has been necessary to resite the children for most of the day. They only return to their own enclosure late in the evening, after the cement has hardened. As you can imagine,this move has had a mixed reception by the monkeys. The plan is to use the outside enclosure of Chilin and Erik. This has meant restricting these two to the in corridor part of their domain. The work is going at a great pace with one enclosure being complete every day. The biggest problem has been the moving of  the Capuchin monkeys, they are much faster and much more likely to bite than the Howlers. It is good to know that the work has been very well done and the workers have shown great professionalism. In order to minimise the disturbance to the monkeys, the workers user a motorised cement mixer, which gave a good quality consistent mix at a fast speed.

The bottom picture shows the finished enclosure of Lucio,Schatov, and Monito. They were back at home last night. But naturally all their walkways and toys had to be restored after the work had finished.

HPIM1319 .


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