Tuesday, July 01, 2008

Chippy settles in.

Just as a human child, starting a new school, a monkey must learn to accept and be accepted by new friends. Chippy has spent all her life among humans so it is not surprising that she experiences a little difficulty in adapting. She is used to sleeping in a bed with humans, now she sleeps in a warm monkey house with three other monkeys. She is used to being hand fed, now we want her to share the communal table of food with the others. These are seemingly trivial things but to a little lady they are big. Naturally we give her special support during this time. We continue to hand feed her and we spend a lot of quality time with her. She is intelligent and adaptable. She has already made a special monkey friend. Schatov, makes no secret of his admiration for her. Whilst Lucio and Moñito were at first anti, now they just keep out out of her way. She is winning them over.

All three of our pictures are of Chippy this morning. They are expressive and we were undecided which was best so we show all three.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Philip, me alegro que Chipy se este adaptando a su nueva vida, poco a poco va a aprender a ser una hermosa mona araguato, que va a vivir con su verdadera familia, de la que nunca debio separarse.
Estoy muy feliz por eso, aunque su familia humana este extrañandola mucho.

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