Thursday, July 10, 2008

MonaLisa Moves in.

Since Schatov, Lucio and Moñito have moved house, they are now permanently resident with Chippy in Garden Lucio, Schatov's former night dwelling has become free. You may know that this enclosure directly abuts the enclosure of MonaLisa. There is a small doorway that connects the two. The original idea was that this whole area would be a contiguous house and garden. Now we are able to go back to that scheme and MonaLisa, Emma and Nancy have moved into this space. You can see in our photograph, MonaLisa (left)and Nancy sitting in front of their small house. In this rainy weather it is more comfortable to be inside. The three girls love this change of venue and are using all the play things, ropes, hammock etc that are available.

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