Thursday, July 31, 2008

An evening at home with Lucio, Moñito and Schatov.

Top left is of course Schatov and this is now my favorite picture of him. Top left is Lucio, hansom as ever and always embarrassingly full of kisses. Then bottom is Moñito, a very sweet and loving person.
Yes there have been some trist this week. Schatov was very much in love with Chippy, he really did care for her. But time heals everything, both for them and for us. He has now reconciled himself to the fact that she will not return and is now his old playfully self.

Our appeal for help with construction of the concrete floor has yielded some help and we are very grateful for that. Keep thinking about how you can assist the children of Canaote. Someone suggested that we should allow adoption and support that way. What do you think? Tell me.


Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Philip, espero que Shatov se le pase la tristeza por la separaciòn de Chipy pronto, Maniña como siempre tan adorable y amoroso, y Moñito es un bebè con una carita muy dulce que provoca darle muchos besos, me encanta.
Espero que pueda construir el piso que necesita para las jaulas.



Anonymous said...

Chippy I really miss you..where are you? please come back!...I am waiting for you.