Sunday, July 13, 2008

Surprised by Joy.

This blog is about monkeys, not about me. Nevertheless, it is relevant to describe the effect that caring for the children has on me. On the downside the work severely limits my movements. I cannot travel more than a day away from Canaote. It demands a disciplined organization of my day. This discipline is shaped by the timetable of the monkey's day.
At 7.30. Clean and disinfect the eating areas and collect the dishes of yesterday's food, milk and water. Scrub the plates, Prepare breakfast and milk and distribute it. Then provide fresh water. Examine each of the sleeping areas to ensure that the bedding is clean and also insect free. Setup each of the enclosures so that all toys are available. (At the moment that means replace all the small colored balls in the hammocks). Walk around all the bamboo walkways with a disinfectant spray and cloth. Clean up and disinfect the ground areas where the monkeys have defecated. Prepare the evening meal. At 3.30PM distribute the meal.

After the morning chores, we spend quality time with all the monkeys. We play with them but at the same time we watch them closely, never forgetting that we are on the edge of deep forest and are possibly subject to all the dangers of the forest. We look for any change in behavior, for instance if a monkey is usually boisterous and playful but today is quiet. We look at their gums for any sign of anaemia. We take note of the quality of their coats, and whether it has its normal health sheen. Monkeys are subject to parasitic infections. We routinely examine the faeces with our own microscope as a preliminary safeguard against the infections of the forest. This awareness and the incumbent care are the price we pay for providing the children with as near natural environment as we possibly can.

At the time of writing we have fourteen monkeys in our care. I would love to invite qualified helpers to aid our work, but at the moment we do not have the funds for building two appropriate dwellings for them. Even so, in time the Lord will provide.

This is my day, every day. I willingly accept the burden and the challenge that this gives me. This is my mission and my joy, to care for these wonderful creatures created by our Maker.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Philip, usted hace un gran trabajo con los monos, yo se que no tiene mucho tiempo libre,todo el dia esta dedicado al cuidado de los niños.
Dios lo bendiga por todo.