Saturday, June 28, 2008

No room at the Inn.

I feel sad today because I have refused a monkey for the first time. I simply do not have the facility to accept him. He is a capuchin monkey and our facility for the capuchins is very limited. Unfortunately, love alone is not enough. It takes time and money to care for a monkey.

I have from the beginning funded the whole burden of care on my British pension. I am not a rich man. Occasionally grateful owners have made donations but in comparison with the actual cost of ongoing feeding and care, it is not enough.

Some time ago, we came to an arrangement with a local co operative. Which has been very beneficial to the security and safety of our work here. We sold the farm to them this deal allowed us to retain the botanic garden and the area occupied by our monkey enclosures. Originally they paid only half the value. The balance was to be ascribed to a number of buildings and equipment. This was to be paid for and transferred at a later date (August was agreed). Our friends in the Co op have exceeded their objective (I like to think with our help) and will be ready to complete full payment next week.

Yes wonderful BUT. I now need to replace the large area occupied by Sophie (the old cheese room and the attached garden. The co op will soon need to take over this area.

We have been considering the possibility of reliable ongoing funding and how it can best be effected.

If you have ideas about this please write to me.

Somehow we have to construct a new area for Sophie but more importantly make financial provision ongoing for the care of the children, both for food and staff.

It is no secret that the food for the children, like everything else has been subject to massive inflation. What was a minor expense has become a large number in our budget. The same applies to the cost of materials for constructing and maintenance of enclosures.
Wages for staff have also escalated.

If you know of anyone who would like to donate funds to us, please tell them about our work. A regular donation would be very acceptable.

We can provide a PayPal account or bank account details if anyone asks.

Truly I never thought I would write this letter. But never a week goes by now when we do not receive requests for a place here. I am broken hearted when I say ‘There is no room at the Inn’

We have plenty of room for constructing new facility; all it needs is the funds.

Our Photograph is Chiquitin taken this morning.

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