Thursday, June 26, 2008

Lucio, Moñito and Schatov make the move and Chippy moves in.

Here at Canaote we are in the midst of our rainy season. The rains are very heavy and have reduced opportunities for photography. Nevertheless we are planning a shoot tomorrow so we should have some pictures to show you.
Chippy is settling down surprisingly well. I was predicting at least a week when she would be tearful and maybe off her food. Well it hasn’t happened. She is used to being hand fed and we have continued that. Another surprise was that she prefers to drink directly from a cup rather than a bowl. I have seen this before with Howler monkeys. MonaLisa is another monkey who likes a cup.

Schatov has given Chippy a warm welcome but Lucio and Moñito have been unhelpful. Moñito in particular has been very jealous. As the week has gone by they have clearly got used to her being with them. She has taken a liking to Rafael the helper. Whilst I had difficulty in getting her to take food in the first few days, she took from him eagerly. Towards the end of the week I found that she was less nervous and was willing to sit on my shoulder. She is on heat.

Lucio Schatov and Moñito are now living full time in the ‘Garden Lucio’. Up to this time they would spend the day in the garden and then I would transfer them to our house at night. This was becoming impracticable because of the double feeding arrangements that this incurred. It seemed an appropriate time, with Chippy joining them, to occupy the Casa Lucio full time. I was a little concerned at first because of the heavy rain but I need not have worried. The house is in full use. Immediately the rain starts they make a dash for the house. The four of them sleep together there. All tucked up and nice and warm.
Our picture shows Schatov on the left in full voice and Chippy on the right.

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Anonymous said...

Mi moñito que bueno que ya duermes en el jardin, estas creciendo mucho, cuidate tu mami que te recuerda.