Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Back to school

My apologies for the light posting over this last week. I have been busy taking a continuation education course CE including three quite tough exams. It has been a fascinating learning experience which will certainly aid in the care of our children. Last Sunday, of course was fathers day. My friends have been ribbing me about whether I got fourteen presents, one from each of the children. Well I got fifteen, so work that one out! It is strange but I had the distinct feeling that the monkeys knew it was a special day. Without exception they are all looking well. We have finished installing their new swings and they love them. It puzzles me, when I see their amazing gymnastic abilities, on ropes swings and walkways, compared with their much more lethargic brothers and sisters in the forest around us.
There may be a new sister later in the week. A fully grown young lady who has been an occasional visitor to Canaote over the years and perhaps now has decided to live with us permanently. She will have to find her place. Will she live with Lucio, Schatov and Moñito, or will she become a mum to Chilin and Erik. They will decide as ever.

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Anonymous said...

Hi Phil!

Who is the new monkey? that poor girl who was roped to a tree that you used to visit? What happened to her, you have not told us more about her. Is she ok? is she the one moving in?