Saturday, March 29, 2008

Our Kids.

Ok, our Kids but not quite. Left is Moñito and right is Tutti, seen polishing off some spaghetti, Tutti Italiano. But who is that below? I can’t rightly tell you yet. These are our three youngest children.
We received a call earlier in the week. Some good people in Caracas want to bring this little fellow to us for care. As far as we know, he has no name. He is scheduled to arrive about mid day tomorrow. We have been asking around for a name. Gabriela suggested a few but said whatever it should be a short one. We are thinking of calling him Erik, if he really doesn’t have a name. Look at the difference in the color of the coats. Young ones tend to be much lighter in color and get darker as they grow older. ‘Erik’ has a very light, fine coat, rather like Sussy. I think he will retain a lighter coat. But more news as it comes. We look forward to him arriving and meeting his donors.

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