Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Erik or little by little.

Sunday was a busy day here at Cañaote. First Virginia came with her family. They started out from Caracas at four in the morning. They brought Erik with them. Erik is very young, and we don't have very much information about him. I am guessing that he is about 3 months old. You see him here in a photograph, clinging to the back of David's head. This is a very typical stance. Then later in the morning Graciela arrived with her family. They were visiting Lucio and the other children of course. The two groups got to know each other and shared their joy with the children. Lucio was in fine form, giving vivid displays of his gymnastics and Schatov kept pace with equal vigor. Colored balls were being fired in every direction. Moñito was at first overcome with all this action but soon got into the swing of things.

Graciela brought us a large metal cage. It has been beautifully and professionally made by a craftsman. This was transported all the way from Caracas in their second vehicle. We will use this as quarantine for children when they first arrive. The visitors toured around all the enclosures and the children were excited to meet them.

A local family joined the group, and it was a pleasure to introduce them to our monkeys. But, all too soon, it was time for everyone to return to Caracas.

Erik is quietly settling down. Naturally, he cries quite a lot but that is to be expected. He is difficult to feed and very choosy. He need a lot of special attention and that means 24 hours a day. Just like any baby he needs feeding every four hours. David has volunteered to be his mother during this period.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Hola Philip, creo que sus noches van a ser muy largas cuidando de Eric, pero siempre queda la satisfacciòn a haber cuidado y salvado a otro hermoso araguato, y yo se que usted lo disfruta.
Espero conocer pronto a Eric .

Me despido