Saturday, April 26, 2008

We call it 'Canaote Magic'.

Two weeks ago you saw Erik arrive (top center picture)and one week ago Chilin came to live with us. You saw them on their first day here. Chilin looked particularly sad. But here today, you see him having a great time on the ropes. No unhappy thoughts now, he is just too busy. Erik too has settled down and is enjoying Chilin's companionship. For a large part of the day they are together in the special enclosure we have made for them.
Early morning is the time I move Schatov,Lucio and Monito into Lucio's Garden. They all climb aboard my shoulders for the short journey to the garden. Erik makes the journey with them because he is already installed on my shoulder. He takes the opportunity to get to know the others. He snuggles against Schatov, who has taken a liking to him. I have a feeling that he will become Erik's big brother.
Chilin has a liking for the girls. His enclosure adjoins the garden of MonaLisa, Emma and Nancy. He spends a lot of time displaying his athletic abilities to them.
These two little boys have settled in quickly. It is magical to see the trasformation that takes place in our newcomers as they learn to live with creatures of their own kind.

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