Sunday, March 09, 2008

Sophie is mending well.

Sophie suffered a bad patch in her health after having freed herself into the wild forest. I have reported on this previously. Just when she started to recover from the parasites and the dehydration that she incurred, she contracted a new health problem. A week ago I noticed an area on her right foot where the skin was broken. I thought little about this, thinking that maybe she had torn her foot on the bamboo walkway. The next day a observed blood on that foot and damage to one of her toes. Clearly this was something more serious. We took samples to examine under the microscope but we were unable to detect any pathogenic activity. This was not a fungal or bacterial infection. We decided that it was a self infected wound in response to the irritation of a broken skin. We treated her with oral antibiotics and topical iodine spray. This has been effective and the condition has been limited and we are simply waiting for nature to complete the healing. She was avoiding placing that foot on the walkway but now she is walking normally again.
She is almost back to her old self. Gabriela contributed a brilliantly colored hammock and Gilda; Lucio’s family brought a large bag of colored plastic balls and rings. Sophie is happily playing with this fun setup and is much more active. Naturally she has been sad and lonely since Totto freed himself into the wild but we are hoping that someday soon we can find a new companion for her.
Our photograph is Sophie. Her appetite is good. She is feeding well and putting on weight again.

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Anonymous said...

I was just thinking if Totto had same experience as Sophie in the wild. Was he prepare to live free? What is his background?