Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Happiness is bun shaped.

I know I have said it before but it is always the first time for me. Every time I see Marco I am amazed because he is always so much larger. I can scarcely believe that this is the little boy who lived at Canaote with us. Marco, who used to sit on my shoulder and sleep on my pillow. Marco, who grew to young adulthood in the care of that wonderful mother Sussy. Marco, who was only a mere handful weighing in at 500g when he arrived here. Gabriela has just taken these wonderful photographs of him. But that is not all. Marco went to live with Vicky in Manrique, the home of Gabriela. I have told you already that it was love at first sight. Vicky and Marco adore each other. Now look at that photograph of Vicky again. She has an expression of sheer bliss and her eyes are closed. You notice the extended stomach and the breasts? I do believe that this young lady is expecting an event. More news on that as it comes.

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