Tuesday, March 25, 2008


I will not hide from you that we have had a couple of fraught days. (Full of or accompanied by problems, dangers, or difficulties).
Yesterday, we had a visit from a large group of Capuchin monkeys, wild ones from the forest. Their interest was of course, Pancho. They surrounded his enclosure for most of the day. Finally two of the most adult of the raiding party had enough courage to descend onto Pancho’s enclosure. Pancho, unaware of their evil intention, rose to the top of his domain to greet the visitors. He was immediately attacked by them and sustained a wounded tail. It was my unpleasant job to chase them off after this assault. We quickly treated Pancho’s wounds and an examination today revealed that all is well; the bites have healed up well with no sign of infection.
Today, I became aware of two wild Howler monkeys, in a tree above the enclosures of Schatov, Lucio and Moñito. This is a tall mango tree that also straddles the home of the Maniña family, Eslabon, Miss Billy and Tutti. Needless to say there has been considerable agitation, and much calling and pacing up and down as they glance upwards at the intruders. My presence did not at first calm the disquieted children. But later the visitors realized there was no profit in remaining, decided to move on.

With both groups of invaders, I am sure that we have not heard the last. This is the mango season, a fruit that all monkeys love and we have about 500 trees. This is a good reason for them to visit. But again this is a good time to look for a mate when food in the forest is plentiful.
I have just a couple of comments. Through all this, Maniña, swung backward and forwards in his hammock, totally unperturbed by the activity around him. What a cool guy.
I have photographs of the action but of insufficient quality to publish. Please excuse.

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