Monday, January 28, 2008

That was the week that was.

Lucio, Schatov and Moñito continue to play in the 'Garden Lucio' during the day. The colored balls in the in the hammock have become a focus of the days play, Daniel, one of our occasional helpers, needs to put the balls back in the hammock several times a day. They get scattered everywhere during the vigorous play. Our picture shows Lucio on the edge of the hammock just waiting to pounce. This enclosure is well equipped with toys. In addition to the many bamboo walkways there are ladders, hoops and ropes to climb. Howlers love to play and hate boredom. You will remember that Lucio’s garden also has a very fine house. All these boys gather there around mid day for the afternoon rest. Breakfast is served at seven and the afternoon meal at twelve. Dinner is at four o’clock. Just before time for these children to come into our house for the night. Some one asked the other day, ‘why don’t they sleep in their beautiful house at night?’ They will when they want to. At present the garden and the house are very new to them. At some point they will regard this as home and will not want to be moved to our house in the evening. They will let me know when that time has arrived. In the meantime I have the pleasure of their company.

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Sila van den Bussche said...

Hi Dr.! Any news about Manina? is he doing ok? My mom misses him a lot, she reads the blog but she misunderstands a lot since English is not her "forte".

I am very happy about Monito, Mis Billy and all the kids!