Sunday, January 13, 2008

Miss Billy loves the sun.

Miss Billy was five and a half years old when she came to us. She was called Billy until I told the former ‘owner’ that he was a girl. She had been kept in a very small cage. Ignored and completely and devoid of love and affection. Additionally she had very severe rickets, caused principally by inappropriate diet. Her spine and arms and legs were all curved and brittle. We have treated her rickets with calcium and sunshine. She now shares a large enclosure with five other monkeys. She is presently the only female in that group. Her rickets has improved and her general health. She is by no means completely cured but she has made great strides. She does not allow her infirmities to affect her enjoyment. She climbs ropes and uses the bamboo walkways to the full. She still very withdrawn and untrusting but we are getting there.

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