Saturday, January 12, 2008

Eslabon Daddy's boy

Eslabon is a charming fellow and he is one and a half years old. When we needed a sympathetic big brother for little Tutti, we chose Eslabon. He has been the perfect friend for Tutti. Some months ago when we opened the big new enclosure, we needed someone to sleep with Tutti, he could not sleep there alone. Eslabon and Tutti cuddled up together at night for warmth and company. Somewhat later we introduced Miss Billy to the family. She is very introspective but nevertheless she joins in the bedtime cuddle. Recently Maniña joined the group.

Whenever I enter their garden, Eslabon immediately jumps on my lap and stays there for as long as I let him. He is a real softy. He wants affection. I know he would like to come over to the house with me but that way he will never grow into a monkey.

Eslabon arrived here in August last year. His family brought him, that all. It would be nice if they called occasionally, because he is a very special person.

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