Sunday, January 20, 2008

The news breaks. Moñito arrives.

It was breaking news because it all happened so quickly. A few days ago, I received mail from Schatov’s family in Caracas. A friend had found a young Howler on a building site. They were not exactly sure, at that time of his age or sex. What they did know was that he was very young, small and weak. He wore a harness, so he had either been abandoned or was a run away. The friend, who found him, of course fell in love with him and gave him a name. His name is Moñito. They decided that he would have a better future if he could live with other monkeys and on Saturday morning the 19th January 2008, they brought him to Cañaote. Something strange happens when people come in contact with young Howlers. They fall in love with them and can scarcely bare to part with them. We have seen so many people in tears when it came time to part with a monkey. I can identify with those who come under their spell. I did myself, many years ago. Graciela and Erika, the family of Schatov, accompanied Carlos and Patricia who found Moñito. They spent many hours here to be sure that Moñito settled down with the other monkeys. These were fun hours because Moñito at once began to interact with Schatov and Lucio. Although Moñito is small he is no ones push over. They had some great games that morning. My immediate plan is that he will spend the late evenings in the house with Me, Lucio and Schatov but will spend his days in the outside enclosure, ‘Lucio’s Garden’. He needs exercise and sunshine and he will certainly get it here.


Patri y Tite said...

Moñito esperamos que esto sea lo mejor para ti, queremos que tengas una vida de monito muy feliz y que te desarrolles como tal te queremos mucho, tu familia humana.

Carola said...

I hope Moñito "my nephew" lives happily in his new home. I want to thank him for making my sister realize how important and special a pet can be for a person.

Ivan Figaroa from Aruba said...

A nice story about Moñito, very interesting, and so nice to be found for these nice people who gives Moñito one more chance to live.