Monday, January 07, 2008

Schatov and Lucio are good pals.

Schatov is two and a half years old and he is fun. During the last year he has grown and now sports a credible beard. In spite of a lot of macho behavior he succeeds in being a delightful monkey to be with. When he macho gnaws your hand it is with gentleness, never breaking the skin. He is very athletic and quick moving. He has developed powerful muscles in both his arms and legs. Even though he is now a big monkey he still loves being picked up and given a cuddle.
Lucio has a house and new enclosure but Lucio does not like being there alone. We wanted to find a friend to share this garden with during the day. It had to be a monkey with a friendly disposition and we at once thought of Schatov.
He has been sharing the Lucio enclosure during the day for a week now. The pair of them fight together for hours at a time. But no one gets hurt. It is just a great game. But come late afternoon Schatov is asking to return to his own enclosure. Lala is waiting for him. What Lala wants Lala gets or something like that.

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Gabriela Olivieri said...

Philip, me alegro que Lucio tenga un nuevo amigo para jugar y para aprender a ser un mono.