Thursday, October 04, 2007

Who would deny them this?

There are three monkeys in our pictures. All of them from good human homes, each one of them loved. For one reason or another they find themselves here at Canaote. Contrary to what many people suppose, you can't just take a bunch of monkeys, put them in a cage of suitable size and leave it at that. Monkeys are just like humans in that they have their likes and dislikes. They get on well with one monkey and hate another. We have to find out who likes whom and try to put them together in groups that will work and in which they will be happy. For certain a lonely monkey is an unhappy one. They like to play hard together in the daytime and sleep very close to each other at night, it is warm that way.
Our picture shows our new young lady Lala, getting to know both Schatov and Manina. They are playing hard. At first may think that they are fighting in an antagonistic way but signs mainly given by voice and gesture with the mouth, tell you that they are getting to know each other. All the early signs are that they will make a harmonious group. An earlier experiment with Lala and Eslabon, did not work out. Maybe he was just to frightened of this big lady.
Just across the way, there is another experiment in progress. Eslabon with Miss Billy and little Tutti but more about that soon.
Who would deny these children this chance to be together, To share their lives with other monkeys. To breath the forest air and play in the sun?

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