Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Two houses but they prefer the washing machine.

We have photographs of three good friends this morning. When Lala (top right) arrived I was not sure where we were going to place her. I mentioned that we aborted coupling her with Eslabon. Finally we found that Schatov and Maniña were compatible and they have formed a happy group with only the occasional squabble.

The photograph of Schatov (bottom center) is unusual because his fur is raised as for battle. When I took the photograph we had been play fighting and he was showing how macho he is.

The picture of Maniña (top left) shows that his facial color is slightly different to the others. If you look at the coloration around his eyes, you would almost say that he has a white face.

Lala has settled down well to the routine here at Cañaote. She sleeps in the washing machine with Schatov and Maniña in spite of the fact that I have constructed two houses for them. There is no pleasing monkeys.

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