Thursday, October 25, 2007

Even in our sorrow we have cause for joy

Today I feel least like writing the blog, since I began a few years ago. I have so much I need to say but it is all painful to me.

Some months ago, you will recall that Sussy left Canaote on an extended visit to her original home with Gabriela at Manrique. She has been losing weight and muscle tone. We felt that an extended visit with constant attention would improve matters. Indeed she began to look a 100% better.

After a time her age began to show. You remember that she is 16 years old. The kind of infirmity that younger people are able to shrug off, were becoming mayor and difficult to treat. She triumphed over a blood infection and against all professional opinion began to recover.
Recently, she has had an inflammation in her neck and abnormality has been identified in her heart. She has struggled with these problems as the great fighter that she is. Numerous visits to a number of veterinary doctors have confirmed the seriousness of her condition. Gabriela has been constant friend of Sussy's. Making tests and seeking treatments. I have been an observer to this big effort to cure a monkey that I really love.

She first came to Canaote four years ago and I immediately fell in love with her. She did not give her friendship easily. First I had to prove myself as a friend and then gradually she accepted me and would spend many hours sitting with me. For a long time we shared breakfast and sang morning prayers together. I looked forward to these mornings and I think she did too. These are the things that I will remember about her. The happy days.

Over the last days. Her condition has worsened considerable. She no longer eats or takes fluid without force. Her breathing is painful and noisy, her heart is racing. She is in pain and there is no longer a hope that tomorrow will see a better day.

Gabriela and I talked and finally we decided that she was in such pain that it was time for her to go to sleep. Gabriela took her to the veterinary clinic this morning to place her in eternal rest

We must remember the good days when she was well and played in the sun and not her parting. We remember that she was mother to a number of great Monkeys in her long life, like Teddy and Bungie. She accepted Marco as a surrogate child when he was only 300 grams in weight and brought him to adulthood.

Now we must look forward to the future, to the new life that stirs in Vicky, Marco’s child. How Sussy would have loved a grandchild. But more about that in another posting.

Here I offer a small prayer in her memory.

This we know: every living thing is Yours and returns to you.
As we ponder this mystery we give You thanks for the life of Sussy and we now commit her into Your loving hands.

Gentle Father, fragile is Your world, delicate are Your creatures, and costly is Your
love which bears and redeems us all.

Holy Father, give us eyes to see and ears to hear how every living thing speaks to us of Your love.

Let us be awestruck at Your creation and daily sing Your praises. Especially,
create within us a spirit of gratitude for the life of Sussy who has lived among
us and given us freely of her love.

Even in our sorrow we have cause for joy for we
know that we may be reunited with her in Your heaven.

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Gabriela de Olivieri said...

Philip, muchas gracias por su bellas palabras para con nuestra niña mayor Sussy.
Ella esta ahora en su cielo como usted dice, sin ningún tipo de dolor y sufrimiento.
Algún día nos volveremos a encontar con ella y muchos otros que sean ido.