Sunday, October 21, 2007

The British are always talking about the weather.

Most of you know that I am an Englishman. I have the same interest in the weather as most of my compatriots. Most people who live on small islands share this fascination. But here is something of interest. Recently we installed a weather station. The station is important to us for several reasons. In the general sense, we are just below the hurricane belt by about 300 miles. Most of the islands in the Caribbean are subject to severe weather conditions. We are lucky in that we are well below the ravages of the storms. But with the changes taking place in world weather, it is important to monitor locations such as ours. Permanent changes in our climate auger badly for world climate change.

Latitude 9. 42’ 42. 6954
Longitude 68. 20’ 31. 596
Elevation 220 Meters

In the particular sense, knowledge of and the ability to predict the climate is important for our Botanic Garden. It gives us a basis for planning watering and seed sowing. It also tell us when to take special precautions to protect our monkeys.

If you would like to know the current weather at CaƱaote just type this address into your browser.

The CW8891 is our call sign with the Citizens Weather reporting service. Our information goes online to the internet every 30 minutes.

There now, if you are planning a trip here, you can check the weather before you start out. Very handy, yes?

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