Saturday, October 27, 2007

Eslabon has visitors

Through the tears, life goes on.
I have related before that howler monkeys are very choosy about their friends. We spend a lot of time matching our children. The object is harmony in the home. Howlers sleep closely together when they are compatible. They also eat togther. Exactly what makes them compatible I have only a vague idea. Emma and Schatov were at one time inseparable. Several times I described them as being a marriage made in heaven. After they moved to their new home inside our compound they were suddenly at odds. We would say that they had fallen out and now spent their day quarreling. This was a big disappointment to us all. Subsequently we discovered that Emma has a bad attitude to all males and we have to keep her and in isolation from them. She is fine with MonaLisa and Nancy and they live together in harmony. But frequently she has a shouting match with Maniña next door. How do you find out if they are compatible? Try it out is the answer.
In our photograph today you see Eslabon with Rosita on the left and Tutti on the right. Rosita has a 'Hey! Why did you do that', expression on her face because Eslabon has just stolen her biscuit. Out of sight Miss Billy is in the trees above them and MonaLisa is on the other side of the enclosure eating leaves. This group is completely compatible. I would consider putting MonaLisa and Eslabon permanently together. The only fly in the ointment is Nancy. Nancy is the surrogate child of Emma but she also loves MonaLisa. When MonaLisa is visiting Eslabon, she cries all the time. Consequently, MonaLisa visits in the morning and returns to her own enclosure, with Nancy in the late afternoon.

I am hoping that Nancy will get used to the separation in time.
In the meantime a strong relationship is developing between Schatov and Lala. Lala is happy with her two cohorts, Schatov and Maniñia. But that is a story for another day.

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