Sunday, December 03, 2006

There is no place like home.

Gabriela, Sussy’s human mother, came to visit a few days ago and noticed that Sussy was developing some patches of hair loss in her coat. Her general health has been a little concern for a while now. She has lost some firmness in her leg muscles and is looking her sixteen years. Even so, she is attentive, very active and eats well. Gabriela took some hair samples to a clinic in San Carlos for examination. The answer came back that she had a parasitic infection in her coat. Today Gabriela returned with medicines and vitamins. We shampooed Sussy with the medicated shampoo. We were impressed by her dignity. She was very calm and allowed us to bath her without complaint. One of my pictures shows her after the wash with Gabriela. To avoid re-infection, we prepared another enclosure for her that had been recently painted and spring-cleaned. She has been inspecting and enjoying the exploration most of the afternoon. Her new dwelling is actually the original house that we built some years ago for her. She has a cute little cottage with a green roof. Her dinning area has a ceramic table, a clean and comfortable place to eat. There are two natural and mature trees in this area. She has many walkways and ropes to keep her active and interested and there are plenty of good places for her to lie in the sun, which is what she really loves to do. She can also see across the way to the garden where Totto and Sophie spend their day.
In the meantime, Marco took advantage of all the action surrounding Sussy to leave his enclosure and head for the trees. He spent most of the afternoon experimenting with different kinds of leaves. He is a great athlete and the sound of him crashing through the trees punctuated our work with Sussy. He tired towards sundown and returned to his house. A little bribery with a white bread roll finally convinced him that there is no place like home.

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