Sunday, December 17, 2006

Happy Birthday Marco.

We can never be sure of the actual date of birth of our monkeys. They come from diverse sources. Some come fresh from the forest. Unscrupulous people, bent on profit and not the wellbeing of their captive, captured them. Some come from good human homes, where they have lived subsequent to their capture and sale. Therefore, we only have the faintest notion of the actual date of birth. We give all our children a birthday but this relates to the day that they first came to live with us. Their age of course is a different matter. We rely on what we are told by the human donor for that information.
Marco came to us three years ago today. He was a tiny fellow weighing only 500 grams. After a few weeks of living close to us, we decided that Sussy would make a good foster mother. After all she had brought many fine, strong children into the world, like Teddy and Bungy. The idea went well and Sussy accepted him as her own child. From that time and for nearly a year he traveled everywhere on Sussy’s back. He has grown rapidly. He is now a large and powerful monkey. In spite of his great strength, he retains his childhood naughtiness. Hats can go flying as soon as the unaware enter his enclosure. He is playful but not aggressive, although care has to exercised in handling him because he does not know his own strength. He is a healthy and vigorous person. He plays on his walkways, swings and ropes hard all day. He is an incredible athlete. We have a plan for him to go to live with Vicky and Ronnie at Manrique, the home of our friend Gabriela. There I am sure he will be fulfilled and become a father. We will not lose Marco, we love him too much but Gabriela will, I am sure allow us to visit him often. His fulfillment as a male monkey is more important than our sentiment.

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