Friday, December 22, 2006

Chalk and Cheese

I have posted several times on the personality difference found among howler monkeys. Nowhere can you find such pronounced examples as Nancy (left), and Rosita. Nancy is slightly overweight and quick to find fault. Rosita is slim and tolerant. Rosita is friendly and trusting. Nancy is suspicious and touchy. Rosita readily comes to hand with an inquisitive expression, she enjoys interaction with humans and loves sitting on shoulders. Nancy approaches very tentatively, ready to draw back at the slightest sign that you might want to hold her. Nancy displays the group mentality. If it appears that one of the others is being attacked she will puff up and take an aggressive stance. She will also do this if it appears that attention is being shown to another in the group. This of course is quite dangerous. Once the others see this behavior, they all get ready for battle and further contact is then impossible. At this point, my advice to anyone is ‘get out’. It is difficult to explain the difference between Rosita and Nancy. I believe it can be traced back to events of the capture. Howlers have long memories, for example, Rosita still does not allow Louis Angel to approach her.

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